Digital Trust And Safety Operations To Create Safe User Experiences.


It is undoubtedly an uphill task to keep your users safe, ensure the legality of your content, and protect your reputation online when new content is being posted online every second. Defend your brand from changing laws and your customers from any harm done online. We are able to advise clients on best practices because we are familiar with the regulatory landscape in each region.

Ensuring A Safe, Legal, And Trustworthy Online Experience For Everyone.

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Secure Trust & Safety

Are you worried about tackling safety issues online for your brand and personal accounts? Trust and safety management by professionals can take that burden off of you. By combining the best AI and human intelligence analytics and practices, we ensure the safety of online communities.

User Safety & Account Safety

Protecting your virtual assets from online theft and account takeovers can get challenging without the involvement of a professional team of experts. Get the compromised accounts recovered and safeguard your assets with the right professional input.

Offender Monitoring

Copyright & Legal Issue

It is very convenient to use and manipulate someone’s original work these days, and online theft is common. That is why copyright and legal teams are getting more vigilant and more expensive by the day. With Moris, forget the hassle of maintaining a separate team as we take care of your legal side.

Fraud Risk Management

Get data insights and fraud analytics to enable company level fraud detection, prevention, and regulation. Get your regulatory compliances in line and say goodbye to your worries about fraud risk management when our team can take this responsibility for your business.

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Social Media Moderation

Resilience & Wellbeing

Enjoy safer working environments and safe online communities to ensure employee well-being by preventing their exposure to stressful or hazardous content.